Vacant Land

Vacant Land vacant land image

Prompt Settlements handle settlements for Buyers and Sellers of vacant land anywhere in Western Australia. If it is a new subdivision, new titles may be required and if so, we can advise on how to do this. If it is a proposed subdivision please speak with us so we can plan and discuss what is required.

If the vacant land is purchased off the plan and subject to new titles issuing, Prompt Settlements will read through the usually lengthy contract to fully prepare for the settlement once new titles have issued.

Depending on the size of the development, it may takes months before the services are connected to the land and the Planning process is finalised and all developmental and zoning guidelines have been met before titles actually issue.

During this time, Prompt Settlements will ensure that the contract has been lodged for stamp duty assessment within the required time and will advise the payment date in due course.  Stamp duty payments will be due and payable not later than settlement.

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