Sub Divisions


The act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop.  Subdivision may be useful for residential, commercial or industrial development.

In the early stages of subdivision, the land owner must seek from their local council, details of the current zoning requirements for the lot.

A Surveyor should be then engaged to prepare the application with a plan for lodging with the Western Australia Planning Commission (WAPC).   The WAPC acts as a reference point checking proposals from local government agencies such as Water Corporation, Western Power and Gas Corporation.  These utilities have an interest in developing the land providing services to the property.subdivision

The WAPC will examine the plan for mathematical and legal correctness and ensure that any road and footpaths have been constructed to the satisfaction of the local government before the final consent of the WAPC is endorsed on the plan.

No dealings on the plan can be accepted until the surveyor obtains the final clearances for the construction work and formal approval of the WAPC is endorsed on the plan.   Delays in obtaining these clearances will, of course, delay the approval of the plan.

Once the plan is certified correct and endorsed “in order for dealing” by the WAPC, Prompt Settlements can then lodge the Application to register the plan and titles for the lots in the plan will issue from Landgate.

As the average time for a plan to be registered and new titles being issued could take six to nine months, it is therefore important to have a settlement agent that understands the process and is able to keep on top of each step in that process.

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