Residential Settlement Fees

 Residential Fixed Settlement Fees

Contract Price Sale Purchase
Up to $1,000,000.00* $660.00 $880.00
Estimated Disbursements $180.00 $350.00
$1,000,0001 and above* $990.00 $1,100.00
Estimated Disbursements $180.00 $350.00

*Irrespective if strata, however disbursements will have an additional $110.00 Section 43 fee

Included in above fees and disb:

Receiving instructions, correspondence to relevant parties to the transaction, title search after initial opening of file, attending on client for Verification of Identification if done at our office, one settlement attendance, preparation of Transfer of Land document, lodging offer and acceptance with Revenue on Line (stamp duty) enquiries on land tax, shire rates/orders and requisitions, water corporation water usage, service charges and sewer plan, check search on day of settlement, title search post settlement transfer successful.


Additional services we offer as part of a Settlement File from our legal division Formbys Lawyers:

Application for Lost Titles
If part of a settlement File                                                          $330.00 inc GST + Registration Fees

Caveat required to be lodged                                                     $220.00 inc GST + Registration Fees

Power of Attorney required                                                        $220.00 inc GST + Registration Fees

Company Search for all parties that are a company             $25ea inc GST

Copies of Landgate encumbrances (easements, memorials, caveats) $32 ea inc GST

Bank Cheques required from monies held in our trust account           $11.00 ea inc GST

Application for Lost Titles
NOT part of a settlement file                                                      $550.00 inc GST + Registration Fees

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